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The O'Quinn brothers live on the impoverished streets of an ex-Steel town in Western PA. They have little to hold on to but each other and the girls they love. When war and drugs threaten to tear them apart, the bonds of hope and family are twisted by the crystal meth hurricane sweeping through small town America.

After its own Development Series reading in April 2012, Blood Potato premiered at The Clurman Theater at Theatre Row Studios in November 2012. Colliding with the destructive Hurricane Sandy, Apothecary faced unforeseen challenges in getting the production up and running on time, but was able to do so and enjoyed a critically successful four week run. The production starred company members Dennis Flanagan, Carrie Watt, Zack Griffiths, and Mike Mihm and guest artist Beth Wittig.


NY Theatre.com
“James McManus is a fortunate playwright to have the Apothecary Theatre Company producing his play Blood Potato. Every contributing element of this dramatic offering is inventive, intense and powerful right from the start....” (Read more.)

The New York TImes
“Like its brutal and angry characters, 'Blood Potato' sometimes falters. But almost every moment itís onstage, this play is alive....” (Read more.)

“Iraq vets returning from combat have become our Lost Generation, their stories serving as inspiration for countless writers and artists. But finding someone who can translate the power of those stories without becoming hackneyed or moralizing is rare....” (Read more.)