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In God's Hat examines the extremes of humanity. The love of family and the contempt for it. Roy and Mitch are estranged brothers. Prison bars and a nefarious history have kept them apart for nearly a decade. On the day of Mitch's release he is shocked to see Roy waiting for him. But what exactly are Roy's intentions? Together they travel down a desolate road stopping at the only lodging around; a fleabag motel. It is here something and someone confronts them that is as equally damaging as their past. But is it a set up or coincidence? And how will they respond this time? Tension manifests itself through out darkly comical situations. But in the end the brothers must confront both the present and the past. Where some secrets are revealed new ones must be kept.

After a successful staged reading in our Development Series, In God's Hat became our premiere production in 2010. Directed by Kevin Kittle and assistant directed by our Artistic Director Shawn Renfro, In God's Hat starred Emmy Award Winner Tom Pelphrey and company members Dennis Flanagan and Rhett Rossi. The production received critical acclaim, including a New York Times Critic's Pick, and is being considered for another run in 2011.


Roy and Mitch

The New York TImes
“Given that the laconic characters of ďIn Godís HatĒ seldom waste their breath, itís tempting to sum up the play with a single word: terrific....” (Read more.)

“Richard Taylor's terrific new play "In God's Hat" is contemporary Grand Guignol of a high order. As realized in director Kevin Kittle's intense and splendidly acted production, it inspires gut-grabbing terror and delivers an emotional jolt as well....” (Read more.)

“Tensions run high in Richard Taylor's darkly comic new drama, In God's Hat,...” (Read more.)

“In God's Hat, a jolting, insightful, and riveting new play by Richard Taylor, is the kind of theatre I love most...and the kind that, as a reviewer, I dread most, because it's one of those tight, surprise-filled suspense thrillers where you hate to give anything away....” (Read more.)

A CurtainUp Review
“If you've ever bitten your nails all the way down to your fingertips while watching an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. Or refused to budge from your seat while one of the spookier Twilight Zone episodes drew to its conclusion, then you'll understand the pleasure of watching Richard Taylor's new play, In God's Hat....” (Read more.)